Best of IPL 2022, MI vs KKR: Kolkata Knight Riders crush Mumbai Indians by 52 runs

IPR 2022: MI vs KKR Match 56 Live Score, Get all live cricket score updates and ball commentary against the match against Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders Indian Premier League 2022 Live from DY Patil Stadium Mumbai

Jasprit Bumrah sat in the back under the noise around Umran Malik and others. The Bombay Indians play on pride, and perhaps the fast bowler has reason to prove who the real boss is.

Sniper Bumrah is a spectacular cricket scene. He always let his bowling talk. But now he's animated. 

It was a slow fire. Bumrah hit Andre Russell for running and scratched his scalp unintentionally.

Nitish Rana's goal through the sharp ejector was latent in control; Bumrah heard nothing, but Ishan Kishan behind the stumps was convinced and the goalkeeper was right.

By the time he shot Pat Cummins, Bumrah was shooting all the wars. Sent by Aussie. Sunil Narine is a lightning striker with a speed of 145 km / h.

Bumrah, bombarded with adrenaline and foot speed, arrived just in time to receive the blow back.

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