During Todd Murphy's Australia vs India debut, his family travelled halfway around the world to witness the five-for; the five-for was worth the jet lag, according to his father

To see Todd Murphy make his debut was wonderful, and watching him pick the wickets was heartwarming," his father Jamie Murphy said with a tired smile.

During the last three days, Todd Murphy, who was born in Moama, Victoria, has made his Test debut in Nagpur. On Wednesday night, Todd told his father Jamie, who was in Moama, Victoria, that he had made his Test debut.

As he breaks into a self-deprecating crackle, his eyes are still drained from travel. "I don't know what we packed in the suitcase. Even my clothes were left behind.", says Jamie.

Jamie and his team rushed to Nagpur for a match. Despite being jet-lagged, Jamie's father watched in amazement as Jamie picked five wickets on his debut. He felt all the effort was worth it just to witness the special moment.

Todd describes it as the most memorable day of his life, and his son agrees. Just a year ago, the day seemed far away. Only two years ago, he made his first-class debut and six years ago he chose to bowl off-spin. As a teenager, he wanted to be a batsman like his father who played with Shane Warne, but eventually turned to bowling. Todd's voice quivers as he expresses his excitement about the special moment.

In Rochester, a speck on the map of Victoria, Todd had a chance meet with Chris Howard, now the New Zealand women's coach. Howard was attending a pathway programme for U-16s when he met Todd.

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