Badal Yadav (BnfTV) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend & More

Badal Yadav (BnfTV) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend & More

Welcome friends, in today’s article, I will be delving into the life of the creator and owner of the Badal Yadav BNFTV YouTube channel. If you are a fan of his content and enjoy watching his videos, then this is an article you won’t want to miss. I will be taking you through his journey on YouTube and sharing some inspiring details about his life and career.

Badal Yadav, is known for his entertaining and informative videos on his YouTube channel, BNFTV. Starting from humble beginnings, he has managed to grow his channel and establish himself as a prominent figure in the YouTube community. Despite the challenges he faced, he never gave up on his dreams and worked hard to achieve his goals.

His story is truly inspiring and serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams. From a small channel, he has grown his audience and now has a large following. He is known for his unique content and engaging personality that has kept his audience hooked.

In this article, I will be sharing more details about his life, his journey on YouTube, and his accomplishments. So, stay tuned and read from beginning to end to get a glimpse into the life of the man behind BNFTV. His story is truly motivating and I am sure you will find it inspiring.

Badal Yadav (BnfTV) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend & More

Badal Yadav Biography

Badal Yadav is a well-known YouTuber who is known for his wide range of review videos on his channel BNFTV. He covers a variety of topics, including movies, web series, and documentaries. When he first started his YouTube channel, he faced many challenges and obstacles, but he never let that deter him from pursuing his passion for creating content.

Badal’s journey on YouTube was not easy, he faced many obstacles and challenges, but he never thought about quitting. He persevered through the hardships and continued to make review videos on movies. His determination and hard work paid off as he now has a large following and his channel has grown significantly.

From the initial setup to the quality of his starting videos, Badal faced many challenges. But he managed to overcome them and improve with time. He has become an inspiration for many creators who are just starting out on YouTube. His story is an example of how persistence and hard work can lead to success, despite the obstacles and hardships that may come in the way.

Badal Yadav was born on October 19th, 1998 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, but currently resides in Kolhapur, Maharashtra with his family. It’s worth noting that Badal has brothers who run the San Ki Roast YouTube channel, and are also popular in their own right. After completing high school in 2013, he went on to pursue commerce stream in intermediate level. Subsequently, he decided to take up Chartered Accountancy (CA) exam preparation, to become a Chartered Accountant.

After completing his intermediate, Badal continued to prepare for his Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams. However, during this time, he discovered a passion for watching movie-related theories on YouTube. This sparked an interest in him to start his own YouTube channel. On October 28th, 2016, Badal launched his channel, BNFTV.

It is worth noting that Badal did not start with movie reviews right off the bat. Instead, his first video was an “Onion Eating Challenge” video that he filmed with his friends. This was an unconventional start, but it allowed him to test the waters and gain some experience in creating and editing videos before diving into more serious content. Gradually, he started creating more and more movie-related content, and eventually, movie reviews became the focal point of his channel.

Badal’s early videos were filmed with his friends, but as they were not always available, he had to stop creating that type of content. Additionally, Badal had to put his YouTube aspirations on hold as he focused on preparing for his Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams. Despite putting his channel on hold, he never stopped watching videos and continued to consume movie-related content on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Badal did not pass the CA exams, which prompted him to shift his focus towards YouTube full-time. He made his first movie review video on the Badhaai Ho movie, starring Ayushmann Khurrana. To his surprise, this video garnered 30,000 views within the first three days, which was a huge accomplishment for a new creator. This encouraged him to create more movie reviews and analysis videos, as well as trailer breakdowns.

As his channel grew, he started creating more content on trending movies, and on June 27th, 2019, his channel BNFTV reached 100,000 subscribers. His channel continued to grow and as of today, it has 935,000 subscribers and counting. It’s worth noting that it will soon reach 1 million subscribers. That’s the story of Badal’s life and YouTube journey, in short. We hope this gives you a better understanding of his background and how he became the successful creator he is today.

Badal Yadav Early Life & Career

Badal’s YouTube journey began at a young age, as he had a natural talent for public speaking. As he progressed through his schooling, he decided to pursue a parallel career in reviewing movies and web series, as the trend of streaming platforms was on the rise. It’s worth noting that Badal has always been academically inclined, scoring above 85% in both his 10th and 12th board exams.

On December 13th, 2016, Badal uploaded his first video on YouTube, which was a fun video with his friends. However, after some time, he began uploading movie review videos, which would become the focal point of his channel. Despite living in a remote area, Badal persevered through the difficulties of running a YouTube channel, such as the lack of access to a nearby theater. This led to his movie reviews being released later than his peers on YouTube.

Badal Yadav (BnfTV) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend & More

Badal prefers to watch movies alone, as he feels it allows him to analyze the film more effectively. The name of his channel, BNFTV, is a combination of his name and “friends,” as he often includes his friends in his videos. In his Q&A videos, Badal often shares tips and tricks for faster growth on YouTube, emphasizing the importance of regular content uploads, proper research, and channel idea analysis.

In addition to his review channel BNFTV, Badal also runs two other channels focused on anime and gaming content. He continues to grow his audience and establish himself as a prominent figure in the YouTube community.

Badal Yadav Info

Real NameBadal Yadav
Nick NameBadal
Date of Birth19 October 1998
Age (the current year 2022 )24 Years
Home TownKolhapur Maharashtra
Birth PlaceGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Current AddressKolhapur Maharashtra, India
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media Star
Zodiac SignGemini
Net WorthNot Known

Badal Yadav’s Family and Relative

Father’s NameNot known
Mother’s NameNot known
Sister’s NameNot known
Brother’s NameNot Known
Boyfriend’s NameNot Known
Husband’s NameUnmarried

Badal Yadav’s Physical Stats and More

Weight In Kilogram (Approx)80 kg
Height (Approx)5.7 Feet
Body Meas.34-26-34
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
HobbiesCreating reels, watching movies and web series, and anime

Badal Yadav’s Affairs and Relationship

Marital StatusNot known
Husband’s NameNot known
Marriage DateNot known
Marriage PlaceNot known
Boyfriend’s NameNot known
Badal Yadav (BnfTV) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend & More

Interesting Facts About Badal Yadav

  1. In addition to his YouTube career, Badal has a passion for playing Football and Badminton.
  2. Advises aspiring content creators not to compromise their studies and to wait for the right opportunity before committing fully to a career on YouTube.
  3. After years of hard work and perseverance, he has achieved success on YouTube and built a state-of-the-art recording studio in his home to produce high-quality videos.
  4. Known for his simple and relatable review style, interlaced with comedic quips that have helped him gain a large following.
  5. Encourages young people to be selective about the influencers they follow on social media and to seek out creators who educate and inspire in a positive way.
  6. Practices simple breathing exercises to stay motivated and positive.
  7. Expressed in an interview that if given the opportunity, he would love to do a voiceover for the Deadpool character in a movie.


We have just delved into the life and YouTube journey of Badal Yadav, the creator, and owner of the BNFTV channel. I hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of his background, struggles, and achievements. I have made an effort to include all the information available to me. However, if you have any further questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will be happy to respond.

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