Bigg Boss Stars Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz Rift Widens as Sibling Throws Shade

Bigg Boss Stars Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz Rift Widens as Sibling Throws Shade

As per fans, Shehnaaz Gill’s brother, Shehbaz Badesha, has allegedly taken a veiled jibe at Asim Riaz’s recent viral interview. The interview in question involved Asim Riaz, a participant of the 13th season of the reality show Bigg Boss, where he discussed his relationship with Shehnaaz Gill. Shehbaz Badesha, also a former contestant of Bigg Boss, used social media to share a cryptic message that fans believe was directed towards Asim Riaz.

In his message, Shehbaz Badesha expressed his pride in his sister’s ability to handle her fame and achievements with grace, acknowledging the fans who have shown support to Shehnaaz Gill throughout her journey. Fans speculate that the message aimed to subtly criticize Asim Riaz, who has been accused of leveraging Shehnaaz’s name to boost his public image.

It’s worth noting that both Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz were participants of the 13th season of Bigg Boss and were close friends during their stint on the show. However, their relationship has been strained ever since the show concluded. Additionally, Shehbaz Badesha was a contestant of the 14th season of Bigg Boss.

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