BTS’s Suga Receives Love and Chaos on Birthday Live Stream with Marriage Proposal and Overwhelming Fan Comments

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South Korean musical troupe BTS recently commemorated the birth anniversary of one of their members, Suga, by conducting a live broadcast on social media. However, the proceeding rapidly became uncontrolled due to the immense amount of comments flooding the chat box. The members, Jungkook and J-Hope, expressed their frustration with the expeditious movement of the chat, as they were unable to cope with the deluge of comments inundating from fans globally.

One admirer even suggested matrimonial bonds to Jimin in the chat, but only Jimin was accorded a response, which created despondency and confusion among other fans. Nevertheless, despite the hardships encountered, the live stream garnered a multitude of viewers worldwide, highlighting the robust rapport between the troupe and their supporters.

BTS has an extensive following, with their notoriety extending beyond their native land of South Korea. They have accomplished worldwide success and have been recognized for disseminating awareness of Korean culture and language throughout the world. The troupe’s impact has also stimulated growth in the tourism industry in South Korea, commonly known as the “BTS effect.”

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