Watch the video of the bride’s sister looting the party with her bo*ld dance, watching her face will break your heart

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Check out this video of the bride’s sister stealing the party with a bo*ld dance, you’ll be heartbroken by the expression on her face.

Indian wedding season is upon us, and the internet is filled with funny and entertaining videos. Films like these capture all the madness of the big fat desi wedding, and music and dance are not to be missed.

During weddings, only friends and family of the bride and groom set the real colors. Sometimes she wins the hearts of guests with her words and sometimes with her dance.

An Indian wedding would not be complete without dance performances, and the dance by the bride’s sisters and friends is probably the most memorable.

There is a video relating to the actual marriage, in which the bride’s sister is looting the gathering by herself. In the video, the bride’s sister is performing on stage to the song from the film “Raanjhanaa.”.

A second instance occurred when her sister became emotional and her father began filming.

There is a video relating to the actual marriage, in which there is a clip where the bride’s sister is shown performing her dance on stage. All her relatives are seated in the audience gallery. The song from the movie ‘Raanjhanaa‘ starts playing and she performs one step after another.

While the bride’s father was seen filming the dance video, she also stunned everyone with her dance and expression.

A dance video uploaded to the Instagram account mumbaidancers and indiandanceinstitute is causing a buzz as soon as it hits social media. Netizens are also reacting fiercely.

The video was shared 1 day ago on 30 Nov 2022, it has gained 8,000 likes or more, with users loving what she is doing with her joyful dance performance. Comments like ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’ are common in the comment section.

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