Ameesha Patel’s video in revealing clothing goes viral on social media

Ameesha Patel's video in revealing clothing goes viral on social media

In a video Posting, Ameesha Patel appears in a body revealing clothes. She looks fantastic in the video. Once Ameesha shared this video, she came into the limelight.

Currently, Ameesha Patel spends more time shooting events and advertisements than films after the film “Gadar” due to Tara Singh’s Lady Love Sakina becoming more famous than her name and She spends more time on social media.

On her social media pages, Ameesha Patel often posts videos that shock people. The actress wears revealing clothing while chatting with her fans and looks extremely hot. Her video quickly gained attention after she shared it.

Doing a video call while wearing revealing clothing

As you watch this video, you will be shocked to see the actress wearing such revealing clothes. The actress is wearing a white nighty, which has the appearance of a bra from above.

Her official Instagram account shows Amisha wearing this dress as she participates in a video call with friends and fans.

It has been shared many times

Ameesha herself has shared many videos of Tara Singh’s Sakina chatting in the video wearing such outfits. The actress has often been seen talking in videos wearing such hot clothes.

As we have already mentioned, Ameesha Patel will play the lead role in the upcoming film Gadar 2 with Sunny Deol. Fans are looking forward to the second part of Gadar.

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