Jahnavi Kapoor went to a party in a short dress on a deep night, broken people could not even save a ‘friend’

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The audience erupted when Jhanvi Kapoor went to a party in the deep night in a short dress – Janhvi Kapoor party late at the weekend with his friends. Videos of the actress and her friends have appeared on social networks today and are becoming increasingly popular.

The video, which was released and shows Jhanvi Kapoor and her friends in a warm style, was watched by many fans.

Ananya Panday, Shanaya Kapoor and alleged boyfriend Orhaan were spotted along with Janhvi Kapoor, who was partying at the weekend. Many people get together to see the actress and get her in front of the camera.

In such a situation, even Orhaan Jhanvi Kapoor cannot save him from the crowd. Then his guards took him safely inside. In the video you can see that Jhanvi Kapoor is behaving very well in the crowd.

Speaking of the actress’ appearance, Janhvi Kapoor is very pretty to look at in a green miniskirt and a yellow ribbon top. When he turned, he picked up the bag. Janhvi Kapoor’s style has become more popular on social media.

The name of the person found with Jhanvi Kapoor is Orhan. He is also very active on social networks and publishes his photos every day. You can see on Orhan’s Instagram that he is a very close friend of Star Kids. Orhan shared some photos from the parties with Shah Rukh’s daughter Khan Suhana and Ajay Devg’s son Nyasa Devgan.

Jhanvi Kapoor was not seen celebrating with Orhan for the first time, but even then they were seen with Orhan on many occasions in a very special way. A video of them dancing together in Mumbai had previously been released.

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