Kangana Ranaut is wearing such a bold dress, everything can be seen inside – video has become viral

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Kangana Ranaut wears such a bold dress, everything inside – Kangana Ranaut as an actress is known as the Queen of Bollywood. In the theatrical world, he will drive everyone with his acting and dialogues.

In this case, their appearance and style are always in the headlines. Like other artists, Kangana Ranaut uses social networks but is known for expressing herself instead of her photos and videos.

All Bollywood actresses today include Kangana Ranaut, known for her outstanding acting, and Bandar Aap. Kangana Ranaut was always in the headlines for some reason.

Because she is constantly in the debate, her latest video has been released, where she has to suffer an oops moment due to her dress.

Kangana Ranaut has a good fan base and is also known for her fashionable censored clothes, but this time her feeling for clothes has overwhelmed her and she is also criticized for it.

In the video, Kangana is seen at an event, but according to her comfort, her clothes are too small, so she has to face shame.

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