Ranveer Singh asks Deepika Padukone to give him credit for being a supportive husband during a live Instagram chat.

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Ranveer sent flowers and chocolates to Deepika for their 4th wedding anniversary, which was a surprising act of affection from him. Deepika had been working so hard to launch this launch that the couple couldn’t even celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary together.

Deepika Padukone came live on Instagram stories recently. Thousands of fans joined her to watch her. After watching the actress live, fans flooded her with heartfelt reactions. Almost hijacking his wife’s live Instagram chat, Ranveer Singh caught everyone’s attention with his comments

Deepika Padukone conducted a live chat with her fans to promote her new self-care line, 82°E, and Ranveer Singh joined in to show his support. Ranveer Singh spammed Deepika’s Instagram live video with love and attention.

During her chat with her fans, Ranveer wrote, “Waah waah excitement toh dekho.” Another comment read, “Yes everyone, she has been working very hard.” Then the actor lauded her work ethic, stating, “Must say the products are world-class.”

Continuing to answer fans’ questions, Deepika did not address Ranveer’s comments directly. In another comment, Ranveer wrote, “I have a question, when will you be back to home?”

In her final comment, Deepika thanked her fans for their support, although her husband piped up and said, “Thank me too for my love and support.”

In an Instagram story, he wrote: “Flowers and chocolates will never disappoint. Diamonds are not mandatory buahaha..take notes and thank me later.”

In November, Deepika and Ranveer got married after being in a relationship for about six years. The couple apparently met on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s blockbuster Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela.

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