Urfi Javed’s Bold Fashion Choices Continue to Turn Heads: Poses with Sunny Leone in Stunning BFF Vibes

Urfi Javed's Bold Fashion Choices Continue to Turn Heads: Poses with Sunny Leone in Stunning BFF Vibes

Urfi Javed, known for her unique and bold fashion choices, once again turned heads with her purple backless rib-shaped top. While some netizens were left wondering what she was wearing, Urfi continued to hold her own and not let the criticism bring her down.

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Recently, Urfi posed with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, and the two looked stunning together. Fans couldn’t help but notice their chemistry and how they gave off major BFF vibes. Sunny even praised Urfi’s courageous fashion statements.

While some netizens compare Sunny and Urfi and say that Sunny is “way better,” Urfi has always been secure in herself and never fails to speak her mind on any topic, which many admire about her.

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Urfi’s unique fashion statements have garnered attention from Bollywood biggies like Ranveer Singh, who hailed her as a new fashion icon. However, not everyone is a fan, as Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor recently criticized her fashion as “bad taste.”

Sunny has been a popular actress in Bollywood for several years, while Urfi made her debut in the industry with the television show “Bepannah Ishq” in 2021. The two actresses coming together has created a buzz among their fans, who can’t get enough of their BFF vibes.

Despite the mixed reactions, Urfi remains someone who can’t be ignored, and her bold and unique fashion choices continue to make her stand out in the industry.

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